Why to Choose Awsm Blossom for Most Yummy Cake Delivery

Cake Delivery in FaridabadI guess, we all have regretted not remembering someone’s birthday or the fact that we weren’t able to present them a nice, decent, birthday cake.

There have been ending a number of times, when because of the busy life we lead, our work preferences, or because of any other commitments, we forget to order, or bring birthday cakes for our special ones; the birthday boy/girl.

And what follows?


Followed by the hidden guilt of not making the day special for someone, for the whole year. But, not anymore. Awsm Blossom(flower and gift giant) brings you a long list of designer flowers and cakes, exclusively, with an option of ‘yummy cake delivery in Faridabad’.

So what’s new about it? We all have seen those banners, ads about flower and cake deliveries. Why Awsm Blossom?

Here, it goes –

A gallery that’s filled with end number of options.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to flowers and cakes. Until, you wish to gift something of your own choice( dare those dirty looks, the person throws when you don’t give their favorites), you can order from a variety of different options like flowers,teddies,chocolates, and of course, designer cakes.

Quick Deliveries( At god’s speed, NO KIDDING)

Now that’s the charm of ordering with us. You wish to get your gift/flowers/cake delivered same day, at midnight, or a few days later, we have the option of delivering anytime, anywhere, you wish for.

Gifts for every Occasion

Be it birthday, anniversary, a festival, or let it be the day you wish to make special for someone, we have gifts and flowers, that suit for every occasion. Spreading happiness, that’s our motto!

Pan India Delivery

Let your friend be in Kanyakumari, or in Rajasthan, or in West Bengal, we delivery at all locations in the country.

Do we need to say more?


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