It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving

Online Flower, Cake & Gift item Delivery Across IndiaEmotions and Feelings are qualities that define us as human beings. But with the fast-paced modern lives, these qualities have been forgotten in oblivion. Even though we care for our friends, families or loved one’s but it seems like we do not even have time to think about them and cherish the small pleasures of life.

Awsm Blossom has taken the initiative to help bring the smiles back on the faces of your family, friends or loved one’s. We are an online marketplace with our extensive range of customized fresh flowers, cakes, plush toys and other goodies to help you celebrate the joys of life. All our products are certified fresh and prepared from high quality ingredients to perfectly convey your feelings. After all, a wise person once said that

It is not the gift but the thought that counts.

Some of the unique features of our service that set us apart from others are: –

  • Pocket Friendly: – We offer amazing quality at lowest prices. All our products are offered at pocket friendly rates, so that money is the last thing to stop your celebrations. We also provide free shipping services to all major locations in India.


  • Gifts for every occasion: – We offer a broad range of products to help you celebrate every occasion like cakes, flowers, gifts, chocolates, plush toys and many more. So go ahead and celebrate life.


  • Customized Gifting Options: – We also offer customized options in which you can either choose from our pre-selected combos or make one of your own. All orders accompany your personalised message to convey to your love and feelings to your dear ones.


  • Sit back and relax: – With a dynamic team in place, we are competent to handle all types of requests. You just place your order relax, because we believe in

Delivering Happiness, Creating Memories, and Surprising People.

So whenever you want to wish your dear ones in a special way just choose Awsm Blossom and see their faces beaming with happiness.


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