Birthdays – Never Get Better Without Cake Delivery City

Ever heard about a birthday without cake?

cake delivery in Noida

We haven’t either, and I guess it’s pretty obvious to celebrate a birthday by cutting
cakes. Cakes have an interesting story. Do you know how it all started – the cake cutting

There was this guy, about decades ago, he was planning to surprise his son on his
birthday and he was looking for something pretty and sweet and definitely, that pleases
his son’s appetite. That is when the first time cakes were cut and see today, it is a
worldwide followed ritual.

Birthdays and anniversaries can never go without cakes. We absolutely love having
delicious, pretty looking cakes on our birthdays. So, to make your loved ones feel special
– daughters, parents, lovers, or anyone, gift those with our cakes and see them gush in
wide smile.

Awsm Blossom brings you exciting range of designer cakes that come in all colors and
flavors. Be it your love for pineapple or black forest, one can find cakes of their favorite
flavors, with special ‘online cake delivery in Noida’. Start the journey of commencement
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The USP of ordering from Awsm Blossom is ‘faster delivers’. We assure ‘ same day
flower and cake delivery service in any part of the country. When it comes to cakes, we
bring you the baker’s special cakes that shall further add stars to your birthday
celebrations. Here’s a brief list of flavors available with us :

  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Pineapple
  • Cheese
  • And what not…

Freshness is another factor that prohibits a person from ordering flowers and cakes
online. We assure you ‘ the freshly picked from garden’ flowers and bakes cakes,
exclusively available for online flower delivery in Delhi. The whipped cream and
toppings of fresh fruits in cakes is sure to make you go gaga and shall make you lick your
fingers. Literally!

So, start your journey with delights from Awsm Blossom and do not forget to
spread smiles, our motto!