Que: Does having an account on the website leads to any benefits?


Yes, an account holder user is endowed with additional discounts and offers from time to time with easy transaction procedure with no hassles and other membership benefits.

Que: Where will I get the details regarding special offers and services?

Special offers and services will be sent to our users/members by Email.

Que: Can I change my order details after placing order?

Yes, one can change the order details but, it should be made within 2 hrs of the order placed as we start off with the accomplishment of the order within 2 hrs of the order placed.

Changes to be made should be intimated by phone call to our 24*7 customer support available service.

Any other related changes like, change of delivery time or change from special or express delivery to normal delivery or any change in product specification can be changed by the same procedure.


Que: How can I request for personalized message?

For personalized message all the related details should be sent to us through mail with the chosen product. A phone call can also be made related to this service.

Que: What actions are taken regarding a defective/damaged product?

In such a case, one needs to make a call to us immediately and we will deliver the same product again to the same address without any extra charges and the damaged/defective one need not to be returned.

Que: What is the meaning of mid-night delivery?

The ordered product will be delivered between 11:30pm- 12:30am of the stated delivery date.


Que: Are there any extra charges applied for special delivery services?

Yes, an extra sum of INR 100 is charged for any of the special delivery services.

Que: How can I check the order status of the product?


In the order conformation Email sent to your Email Id link would be given which would give you the current status of the ordered product or you can even make a phone call to our customer support service for any assistance.


Que: How can I keep flowers fresh for many days?


Just keep this beautiful memory alive for few more days by special care to the flowers. Put them inside water filled vase. Remove leaves falling below water level and cut 1 inch of the stem from below. Add flower food to the water if you have or order it along with the flowers and just keep on changing water on every third day. Also, cut stem on every change of water and keep flowers away from direct sunlight and heat.


Que: What is your contact number and address?

E-Mail: Info@awsmblossom.com


Customer support number: +91 9599008700

Our retail: All Over India